PPAF Support for Balochistan Earthquake Affectees

As a part of its relief efforts for Balochistan Earthquake victims, with the support of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), NRSP will be providing a comprehensive package, comprising transitional shelters, basic hygiene items, ration bags, Non-Food Items (NFIs) and transitional latrines to 6,000 affected households benefiting 40,000 people. In addition to this, Medical Mobile Camps will be set up for 45 days to treat earthquake survivors.

PPAF approved this package worth more than Rs. 400 million on October 1, 2013 and this is first major support by a Pakistani Organization for the earthquake affected people in Balochistan where on the same day Chief Minister Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch sought the help of International and National organizations in the re-construction and rehabilitation efforts for 25,000 families that need immediate help.

PPAF, one of the largest sources of pro-poor spending, is a lead agency for poverty reduction in Pakistan. The essence of PPAF’s work is to support and strengthen institutions for the poor (partner organizations) in developing institutions of the poor that are well governed, transparent, democratic, and accountable. PPAF’s experience of over a decade leads to the conclusion that local, indigenous, community based institutions are a pre-requisite for spending on the poor to be effective and leading to positive development outcomes. Being a community-led, demand-driven institution, PPAF focuses on partnerships which are non-prescriptive and model-neutral but value-driven.

PPAF’s development philosophy is based on three elements; Ishq, Ilm, Amal, meaning passion, knowledge and practice. With passion to alleviate poverty, PPAF believes that the way to do this is through the use of knowledge supported by underlying principals of social inclusion and equality - ensuring that it practices what it preaches. Taking a leaf from its past experiences to combat emergencies in Pakistan, PPAF has played an important role in assisting NRSP to provide immediate relief to the earthquake affectees.

Details of PPAF comprehensive package

Sr #
1 Transitional Shelters for 6,000 households
2 Basic Hygiene Items for 6,000 households
3 Ration Bags for 6,000 households
4 Non Food Items (NFI) for 6,000 households
5 Transitional Latrines for 6,000 households
6 Medical Mobile Camps for MMCs for 45 days