Supporting Inclusive development through community-government capacity building and partnership in three districts of Azad Jammu Kashmir


In Pakistan, the link between communities of rural areas and the government has always been weak. One of the main objectives of fostering community platforms in this intervention is to bridge the gap between government and communities. This will be done by ensuring that the developmental needs of the communities are heard by government representatives, NGOs, donors as well as the private sector. Capacities of local communities and government representatives is also one of the foucs of this intervention which will further lead to sustainable development in the target areas of AJK.

Project Objective

To promote men and women citizen participation in development planning through the establishment of vibrant community organizations and active engagement with government in planning and implementation

Project Results

  • Established/revitalized & strengthened COs at sub-village, VOs at revenue village and Local Support Organizations (LSOs) at union council levels
  • Basic community and public infrastructure is rebuilt and/or rehabilitated through an inclusive and community-led participatory process
  • Capacities of local administration and line department staff in target union councils and tehsils are strengthened in community-based planning and implementation processes

Project Duration

3 Years (January, 2014 – January, 2017)

Project Budget

Euro 847,160 (EU-Contribution: 87.7%)

Project Beneficiaries

77,215 households of 31 targeted Union Councils in Haveli, Kotli and Poonch districts covering total population of 540,505. Community platforms will be formed and beneficiaries will be facilitated with community capacity building trainings, community infrastructure schemes, skills enhancement of government staff and sustainable developmental collaboration with line departments of local government.