Provision of access to market-driven training and employment opportunities to vulnerable youth and women in rural districts of Southern Punjab


The project covers the rural areas of targeted districts which were selected on the basis of their overall poverty incidence, poor access to relevant technical vocational educational services, literacy etc. All 3 districts also suffered the worst monsoon-related floods in history in 2010. 45% of employment is in agriculture but exploitative arrangements of farming mean a high reliance on casual wage labour. Of the non-agricultural employed labour force 74% work in the informal sector. The Project targets 13,694 youth (of whom 70% will be female and 100 people living with disabilities) who will benefit from free technical and vocational trainings to support them in gaining marketable skills in order to access more sustainable livelihoods.

Project Objective

To economically empower disadvantaged youth in deprived rural areas of 3 districts of Southern Punjab to engage in viable employment and livelihood strategies, predominantly targeting youth with limited formal education, women and young people living with disabilities.

Project Results

  • TVET institutions deliver accredited, market-driven, competency-based training curricula and work-skills training appropriate for rural youth, women, and young people with disabilities
  • Employers formally linked with targeted TVET institutions and contributing to the design of competency-based curricula, and supporting job placements and apprenticeships for trained youth
  • 3,694 vulnerable young men and women supported to access free TVET, youth enterprise training, workforce skills training, and job placement support
  • Increased recognition of the value of vocational training amongst 133 communities particularly for young women and youth living with disabilities

Project Duration

4 Years & 3 Months (Nov 2012 – Jan 2016)

Project Budget

Euro 1,665,885 (EU-Contribution: 90%)

Project Beneficiaries

13,694 young women and men to be trained in enterprise development trainings for employment opportunities