NRSP's Microfinance and Enterprise Development Programme (MEDP) has been providing micro credit since 1992. The Programme provides services to men and women in rural areas, satisfying the credit and insurance needs of farmers through crop and livestock related loans.

NRSP presently offers a full range of micro finance products:

  • Micro Credit is available through the NRSP Micro Finance Bank, the NRSP Microfinance and Enterprise Development Programme (MEDP) and the Urban Poverty Alleviation Programme (UPAP) which serves women clients.
    • MEDP charges interest at the rate of 28% annual on declining balance.
    • UPAP charges interest at the rate of 30% annual on declining balance.
  • The Savings Product is available through NRSP-MEDP and the NRSP Micro Finance Bank.
  • Insurance is available through NRSP MEDP, UPAP and the Micro Finance Bank.

Microfinance and Enterprise Development Programme

NRSP’s Microfinance and Enterprise Development Programme has been providing micro credit since 1992. We presently offer a full range of micro finance products, including Savings, Micro Credit – through NRSP and its affiliate the Urban Poverty Alleviation …

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Health Insurance Programme

Low income families face significant barriers to accessing quality healthcare. Only 2.6% of Pakistan’s GDP is allocated to health care provision, leading to significant service gaps in the public sector, leading to heavy reliance on private healthcare facilities. This is …

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Urban Poverty Alleviation Programme

The Urban Poverty Alleviation Programme has provided access to micro credit and savings schemes since it was established as an Action Research project by the UNDP in September 1996. The goal was to develop an indigenous model of poverty alleviation through providing …

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NRSP Microfinance Bank

NRSP established the Micro Finance Bank in March 2011 (www.nrspbank.com). With its Headquarters in Bahawalpur (Punjab) the Bank now has 71 branches. The Bank's mandate is to gradually transform the micro credit operations of NRSP - the country's largest provider of microfinance service - into a regulated Microfinance Bank. NRSP recognizes several advantages to achieving Micro Finance Bank status. These include the (i) ability to raise new sources of debt and equity funds to offer savings and other non-credit services and (ii) the opportunity to achieve scale through adopting a fully-regulated environment. The Bank is registered under The Companies Ordinance (1984) as a Public Company limited by shares and licensed to operate as a nationwide Micro Finance Bank under the Microfinance Ordinance 2001. The authorized share capital of the bank is Rs.1 billion. The bank's sponsor shareholders include NRSP (52% shareholder), the Acumen Fund (www.acumenfund.org) (16% shareholder), the International Finance Corporation (a member of the World Bank Group) www.ifc.org) (16% shareholder) and the German KfW Development Finance (www.kfw.de/kfw/en/ (16% shareholder). On October 28, 2016 the JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company Limited (JCR-VIS) assigned a long-term entity rating of 'A' (single A) and a short-term rating of 'A-1' (single A-One) with "Stable Outlook" to the NRSP Microfinance Bank Limited.

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