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NRSP Hyderabad Region

Sr #ProvinceRegionOfficeDistrictAddressPhone
1SindhHYDNRSP Regional Office - HyderabadHyderabadHyderabad-Mirpurkhas Dual Carriage Way, Near Gulmohar Restaurant, Rahooki, Hyderabad0303-7772135
2SindhHYDNRSP District Office - BadinBadinOpposite United Hotel, Main Hyderabad Road, Badin0303-3336117
3SindhHYDNRSP District Office - ThattaThattaBehid Cercut House, Makli District Thatta0298-771798
4SindhHYDNRSP Field Office - Mirpur SakroThattaOpposite Pso Petrol Pump Waria Mohallah Mirpur Sakro, Thatta0333-2432673
5SindhHYDNRSP District Office - SujawalSujawalNear Makka Madina Cng Pump, Main Thatta Sujawal Road, District Sujawal0303-7770564, 0303-3996654
6SindhHYDNRSP Field Office - SujawalSujawalMangsi House City Survey No. 102, Near Civil Hospital Sujawal. 0303-7774217, 0303-3336144
7SindhHYDNRSP Field Office - UmerkotUmerkotWard # 315 Near Govt: Boys Degree College Umerkot0303-3336903
8SindhHYDNRSP District Office - Tando AllahyarTando AllahyarHouse # 02, Mastoi Collony Tando Adam Road Tando Allahyar0222-763101
9SindhHYDNRSP Field Office - Tando AllahyarTando AllahyarHouse # 56 2Nd Street Mastoi Colony Tando Allahyar
10SindhHYDNRSP District Office - Tando Muhammad KhanTando Muhammad KhanNrsp District Office Tando Muhammad Khan, Near Sujawal Chowk Al-Mustafa Town, Badin Road Tando Muhammad Khan0303-3336107
11SindhHYDNRSP Field Office - Tando Muhammad KhanTando Muhammad KhanAnwer Colony Badin Road Tando Muhammad Khan02233-40105
12SindhHYDNRSP Field Office - Tando Muhammad KhanTando Muhammad KhanHouse #96 Sachalabad Colony Near Session Court, Tando Muhammad Khan0333-3617779
13SindhHYDNRSP Field Office - MatiariMatiariAakhund House Near Passport Office, Ali Sher Colony Main Bypass Matiari 0303-7772101
14SindhHYDNRSP Field Office - HalaMatiariBanglow #25 Lala Baba Good Luck Colony Hala New, Matiari0303-7772103
15SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Tando JamHyderabadMachhli Market Muhammadi Building Road, Tando Jam District Hyderabad Sindh. 0303-3336173
16SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Tando HyderHyderabadJam Colony Tando Hyder, District Hyderabad Sindh. 0303-3336173
17SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - HoosriHyderabadHouse No. B/375, Muhalla Rajput Muhalla Hoosri District Hyderabad Sindh. 0303-3336173
18SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Zeal PakHyderabadMuhalla Rajput Near Murshidabad Colony Latifabad District Hyderabad0303-3336173
19SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Gulshan-e-HaliHyderabadHouse No. D-124 Block D Muhalla Gulshan-E-Hali, Hyderabad0303-7770223
20SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Gari KhataHyderabadHouse No. F-62, Ghaziabad Block F, Gari Khata Hyderabad0303-3336202
21SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - HussainabadHyderabadHouse No. 481, , Muhallah Habib Shah Hussainabad Taluka Latifabad District Hyderabad0303-7770223
22SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Hur CampHyderabadMuhallah Hur Camp Christian Colony Hyderabad0303-3336202
23SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Islamia ColonyHyderabadHouse No. 113, Muhalla Islamia Colony, Near Research Colony Hyderabad0303-3336202
24SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Islamabad ColonyHyderabadNo. G-2093, Mukhi Bag Muhalla Near Ice Factory Hyderabad 0303-3336202
25SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - JamshoroJamshoroJamshoro Phattak, Near Mehar Dairy Jamshoro, District Jamshoro0303-3336194
26SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Jamshoro ColonyJamshoroHouse No. Dt-117 Muhalla Jamshoro Colony Taluka Kotri District Jamshoro0303-3336194
27SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Khuda Ki BastiJamshoroKhuda Ki Basti No. 2, Near Blue Skye English School, District Jamshoro0303-3336194
28SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Kotri-01JamshoroHouse No. Cs-274/19, Pathan Colony Muhalla Kotri District Jamshoro0303-3336194
29SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Kotri-02JamshoroH-15, Street # 2, Behar Colony, Kotri0303-3336194
30SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - SikanderabadJamshoroMuhallah Sikanderabad Colony, Near Ghulam Ali House, Taluka Kotri & District Jamshoro 0303-3336194
31SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Latifabad-12HyderabadH # 2407, Muhalla Iqbal Colony, Unit # 12, Latifabad, Hyderabad0303-7770223
32SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Latifabad-05HyderabadNo. 157, Muhallah Unit No. 05 Latifabad Hyderabad0303-7770223
33SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Latifabad-07HyderabadHouse No. C-257, Muhallah Unit 8, Latifabad, Hyderabad0303-7770223
34SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Railway Colony KotriJamshoroMuhallah Railway Colony Near Railway Station Taluka Kotri District Jamshoro0303-3336194
35SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Liaquat ColonyHyderabadHouse No. G-32/10, Liaquat Colony, Plot No. 35, District Hyderabad. 0303-3336202
36SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Marvi TownHyderabadMarvi Town Qasimabad Hyderabad.0303-7770223
37SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Muslim Town ColonyJamshoroMuhalla Garebabad Colony Kotri District Jamshoro0303-3336194
38SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - PeratabadHyderabadHouse No. G-3274, Muhalla Pretabad Near Yaqoob House Peratabad, Hyderabad0303-3336202
39SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Pathan ColonyHyderabadDoctor Colony, Near Bone Care Hospital Jeal Road , District Hyderabad0303-3336202
40SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - PhuleliHyderabadHouse No. G-157, Fazal Town, Near Hamayoon Masjid, Hyderabad0303-3336202
41SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Tando Muhammad KhanTando Muhammad KhanMuhallah Pir Sarandi Muhallah, Tando Muhammad Khan0303-3336173
42SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Nagori PlotTando AllahyarHouse No. 496 Mullah Gaoshala Chamber Naka, Taluka Tando Allahyar District Tando Allahyar Sindh0303-3336195
43SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - NasarpurTando AllahyarMuhallah Pandhiani, Nasarpur, Taluka & District Tando Allahyar0303-3336195
44SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Shahbaz ColonyTando AllahyarHouse No. 221 Nasarpur Van Stop, Near Charach Muhallah Shahbaz Colony, Taluka Tando Allahyar District Tando Allahyar0303-3336195
45SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Mujahid ColonyTando AllahyarMion Colony Chamber Road, Taluka Tando Allahyar District Tando Allahyar 0303-3336195
46SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - MatiariMatiariMuhallah Mian Phota District Matiari0303-7770226
47SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - KhyberMatiariMuhallah Mallah Kyber , District Matiari0303-7770226
48SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - BhittshahMatiariMuhallah Shaikh Bhittshah, District Matiari0303-7770226
49SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - HalaMatiariMuhallah Ameen Faheem Colony, Near Agha Khan Laboratory Taluka Hala, District Matiari0303-7770226
50SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - New SaeedabadMatiariVillage Railway Colony Taluka Saeedabad , District Matiari0303-7770226
51SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Ghulam Hyder shah ColonyShaheed BanezirabadHouse No. 292, Ghulam Hyder Shah Colony, Near Old Qalander Hotel, District Shaheed Benazir Abad0303-3336179
52SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - DourShaheed BanezirabadNo. 04, Muhallah Jamali Dour, Taluka Sakrand, District Shaheed Benazir Abad0303-3336179
53SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - SakrandShaheed BanezirabadHouse No. 102-103, Ward No. 04, Jhanda Streert, Taluka Sakrand, District Shaheed Benazir Abad0303-3336179
54SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Jamshad ColonyShaheed BanezirabadJamshed Colony, Near Jam Sahab Road, Taluka Nawabshah, District Shaheed Benazir Abad0303-3336179
55SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - GareebabadShaheed BanezirabadKhursheed Begum School Manuabad Road Gareebabad.0303-3336179
56SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - TalharBadinMain Station Road Ward No. 05 Talhar Taluka & District Badin.0303-3336101
57SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - BadinBadinHouse No. B-56, Situated At Bagh Muhallah Shahbaz Road Taluka Badin District Badin0303-3336101
58SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Tando Ghulam AliBadinWard No. 03 Pathan Colony Mir Muhallah Tando Ghulam Ali & District Badin.0303-3336101
59SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - MatliBadinSituated @ Soomro Muhallah, Union 1, Matli District Badin0303-3336101
60SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Kario GhanwerBadinWard No-04 Civil Hospital Road Kario Ghanwer District Badin0303-3336101
61SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Tando BagoBadinNrsp Office Ward # 04, Kumbhar Mohalla Tando Bago 0303-3336101
62SindhHYDNRSP District Office - MirpurkhasMIRPURKHASHouse No. 54, Mustafa Town Near Janwari Shaikh District Mirpurkhas. 0303-3336930
63SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - MirpurkhasMIRPURKHASParo Siyal, near Mali Colony Colony Umerkot Road Mirpur Khas0303-3336930
64SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - DigriMIRPURKHASMuhallah Usmanabad Tando Ghulam Ali Road Digri0303-3336930
65SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - JhuddoMIRPURKHASQaimkhani Muhallah Ward#05 Jhudo0303-3336927
66SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Kot Ghulam MuhammadMIRPURKHASFlat#44B Paro Momin Ward No. 02 Kot Ghulam Muhammad0303-3336930
67SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - UmerkotUMERKOTMeghani Chowk Near Doctor Jodho Mal House Umerkot0303-3336927
68SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - SamaroUMERKOTKhaskheli Paro Near Chistia Masjid Samaro0303-3336927
69SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - KunriUMERKOTHouse No. 319 Garebaabad Kunri Mirpurkhass0303-3336927
70SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - SANGHARSANGHARH#119/09 Block No. 15 Muhallah Qureshi Shehansha Colony, District Sanghar0303-3336923
71SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - SANGHARSANGHARKamil Shah Colony Near Achar Dhahri House Shahpur Chakar District Sanghar0303-3336923
72SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - SANGHARSANGHARMuhallah Abdullah Colony, Taluka Shahdadpur District Sanghar0303-3336923
73SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - SANGHARSANGHARKahi Bus Stop Near Hingora Kiryana Store Khipro0303-3336923
74SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - SANGHARSANGHARMuhallah Malhi Para Juman Shah Road Tehsil Tando Adam, District Sanghar0303-3336923
75SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - GharoThattaGharo Near Al-Asif Public School Gharo, Taluka Mirpur Sakro District Thatta. 0303-3336147
76SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - Mirpur SakroThattaShaikh Muhallah Ward No. 1 Mirpur Sakro District Thatta.0303-3336147
77SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - ThattaThattaShah Kamal Muhallah Behind Mahmood Shah Dargh , District Thatta0303-3336147
78SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - MakliThattaB-17, Shah Latif Colony Makli, District Thatta0303-3336147
79SindhHYDNRSP Settlement Office - SujawalSujawalWard No. 06, Near Agha Khan Hospital, Main Road Badin, District Sujawal 0303-3336147