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NRSP Lahore Region

Sr #ProvinceRegionOfficeDistrictAddressPhone
1PunjabLHRNRSP Regional Office - LahoreLahoreE-19 (A), Doctors Society, Mauza Niaz Baig, Abdul Sattar Edhi Road, Lahore042-37498108
2PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - SheikhupuraSheikhupuraHousing Colony, Street # 1, Near Masjid Al-Mustafa, Munir Park / View Park, Sheikhupura0301-8583405
3PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - FarooqabadSheikhupuraChungi No. 3, Nizam Pura, Near Forest Park, Farooqabad, Sheikhupura0301-8581397
4PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - MuridkeSheikhupuraHospital Colony, Near Tehsil Head Quarter Hospital, Mureed Ke, Sheikhupura0301-8504367
5PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - FerozwalaSheikhupuraH#70,Block A Street No 02,Rehman Garden, Rachna Town Ferozwala0301-8504368
6PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - SharaqpurSheikhupuraBhatti Town, Tariq Battery Wali Street, Opposite Gill Filling Station, Sharaqpur, Sheikhupura0301-8583405
7PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - SafdarabadSheikhupuraHameed Garden, Near Al Noor School, Safdarabad, Sheikhupura0301-8581248
8PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - Nankana SahibNankana SahibMadina Colony Street #6, Near Jumma Bazar, Nankana Sahib0300-8581398
9PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - MorkhundaNankana SahibHead Balloki Road, Gulshan Ibrahim Town, Near Police Choki, Morh Khunda, Nankana Sahib0301-8581219
10PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - ShahkotNankana SahibGulshan Colony House #3 Jaranwala Chowk, Shahkot0301-8504363
11PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - Sangla HillNankana SahibMuhallah Model Town Street # Block # 5, Sangla Hill, Nankana Sahib0301-8584869
12PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - OkaraOkaraStreet No. 1, Wahab Town, Near Qamar Super Store, Okara0301-8504326
13PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - Renala KhurdOkaraHouse No. 74, Street 2, Housing Colony, Near Tary Shah Darbar/Punjab Social Dispensory, Renala Khurd, Okara0301-8584366
14PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - SahiwalSahiwalHouse # 85, Umar Block, Near Gulab Merriage Hall, Shadab Town, Pakpattan Chowk, Sahiwal0301-8504332
15PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - ChichawatniSahiwalMain Bhalli Road, Hayat Abad, Street No. 08, Chichawatni0301-8504307
16PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - PakpattanPakpattanHouse # 47/S, Opposite Azam Market, Green Town, Pakpattan0301-8586616
17PunjabLHRNRSP Field Office - ArifwalaPakpattanMuhallah Colony Qboola Road near Canal Link Street# 1, Arifwala0301-8504366
18PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - ManawalaSheikhupuraMohalla Garh Shankar Manan Wala, Sheikhupura0301-8581397
19PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - Narang MandiSheikhupuraNear civil hospital Mahallah Farooqia Narang Mandi, Tehsil Mureedke0301-8581456
20PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - WarburtonNankana SahibStreat Saeed Rehmani, Muhallah Eid Ghah, Warbutton0301-8583552
21PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - Mandi FiazabadNankana SahibBhatta Chowk, Nawan Kot Road, Mandi Fiazabad0301-8586617
22PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - GaymberOkaraMuhallah Fareed Nagar, Ada Gymber0301-8504331
23PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - Bangla GogeraOkaraMuhallah Chamra Mandi, Streat # 1, near paka Imam barga Bangal Gogera,0301-8581283
24PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - LSO ShergharOkaraMuhallah Sadeeq Nagar, UC Sherghar, Tehsil Depalpur, Okara0309-0166701
25PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - HarapaSahiwalNear Razak Hospital, Shalimar Town, Harapa, Sahiwal0301-8663398
26PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - Kot FreedSahiwal86 R Chowk, Ada Kot Fareed, Sahiwal0301-8581446
27PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - NoorpurPakpattanAda noor pur sandhay khan road tehsil pakpattan dist. pakpattan0301-8581246
28PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - Bonga HayatPakpattanVb bunga hayat ada chakbedi, tehsil PakPattan, District pakpattan0308-6055147
29PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - QaboolaPakpattanWard no 5 mohla chorgh deen near jazz tower qaboola contect person, Tehsil Arifwala, District Pakpattan0308-5363059
30PunjabLHRNRSP Settlement Office - KameerPakpattanBanso wala bazar, ada Kameer, Tehsil Arifwala, District Pakpattan0301-8504365