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NRSP Rawalpindi Region

Sr #ProvinceRegionOfficeDistrictAddressPhone
1ICTRWPNRSP Regional Office - RawalpindiIslamabadNRSP Compound, Near Uswa College, Japan Road, Sihala, Islamabad051-4849000
2ICTRWPNRSP District Office - ICTIslamabadTariqabad Stop Near Govt Boys Primary School Lane No 5 Chatha Bakhtawer Main Park Road Islamabad051-2321226-9
3ICTRWPNRSP Field Office - ICTIslamabadTariqabad Stop Near Govt Boys Primary School Lane No 5 Chatha Bakhtawer Main Park Road Islamabad0341-0584118
4ICTRWPNRSP Village Branch KORALIslamabadNear Bilal Masjid VB koral, Islamabad0346-5320067
5ICTRWPNRSP Village Branch CHAKIANIslamabadKahuta Road VB Chakian, Islamabad 0343-5800704
6ICTRWPNRSP Village Branch ZIA MASJIDIslamabadZai Masjid High Way, Service Road Islamabad0310-2564088
7ICTRWPNRSP Village Branch ALIPURIslamabadNear Alipur Shakila Hospital, Ali pur Frash Islamabad0333-5578914
8ICTRWPNRSP Village Branch THANDA PANIIslamabadMain lehtrar Road Thanda Pani, Near Wapda Offic Islamabad0345-5166590
9ICTRWPNRSP Village Branch TARLAIIslamabadTramri Chowk Near Allied Bank Islamabd0312-5306410
10ICTRWPNRSP Village Branch G6IslamabadChiristian Cloony G-6 Islamabad0312-5306410
11ICTRWPNRSP Village Branch G8IslamabadChiristian Cloony G-8 Islamabad0312-5306410
12ICTRWPNRSP Village BranchBARI IMAMIslamabadNear Bari Immam Ziarat Islamabd0312-5306410
13ICTRWPNRSP Village Branch TUMAIRIslamabadVillage Tumair Near Tanki Stop ISP Islamabd0312-5306410
14ICTRWPVillage Branch LOHI BHAIRIslamabadVilllage Lohi Bher Islamabd0312-5306410
15PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - KahutaRawalpindiMohallah Arra Near Bus Stand Kahuta0301-5152522
16PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch KAHUTARawalpindiNRSP Field Unit Office Mohallah Arra Near Bus Stand Kahuta0513200029
17PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch NARARawalpindiNRSP Vb Nara Near Block Factory Mughal Plaza Narra Tehsil Kahuta03449174210
18PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch THOHARawalpindiNRSP Vb Thoha Near UBL Thoha Khalsa Tehsil Kahuta03473479442
19PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch HOTHLARawalpindiNRSP Vb Main Thekrian Stop near PSO Hothla Tehsil Kahuta03075509007
20PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - MurreeRawalpindiNear Gloria Jean,s coffees Village Danna Experssway (N75) Murree0345-7278991
21PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - Kotli SattianRawalpindiVillage Lower Kotli Near Bathal Bazar Main Road Kotli Sattian0345-7278991
22PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch KARORRawalpindiKothi Bazar Karor Bun Road Tehsil Kotli Sattian Distt Rawalpindi03449350604
23PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - RawalpindiRawalpindiNE-2D National Behbood Association of Pakistan Tippu Road Opp RMC Motti Mahal Rawalpindi0302-8582353
24PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch KOLYAN HAMEEDRawalpindiVB Kolian Hameed Chakri Adda P/O Chak Beli Khan Tehsil Rawalpindi03150504653
25PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch GIRJARawalpindiNrsp Vb dhok lakhan chakri road near haji iqbal house Tehil Rawalpindi03135186561
26PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch DHOK RAJGANRawalpindiNrsp Vb dhoke Rajgan Main Adyala Road Tehsil Rawalpindi03135149086
27PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch GHREEB ABADRawalpindiNrsp Vb Ghareebabad Chaklala Tehsil Rawalpindi03135088866
28PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch SADIQ ABADRawalpindiNrsp Branch Sadiqabad Tehsil Rawalpindi03165082324
29PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch TENCHRawalpindiNrsp Vb Tench Peoples colony Street num 37/8 Near baraf Khana Chowk Saddar Tehsil Rawalpindi03115906837
30PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch MorgahRawalpindiNrsp VB Morgah Pulli Stop main Jhmra Road near Javaid Sweets Zafar Markets Morgah Tehsil Rawalpindi03156240757
31PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch G7RawalpindiNrsp Vb Sector G 7/3 near Alhadees masjid Markaz Islamabad03435260377
32PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch RAWATRawalpindiNrsp Vb Near Bilal Market G T Road Rawat03335182611
33PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch CHAK BELI KHANRawalpindiNrsp Vb Khabba Mor Main Chak Beli Khan Tehsil Rawalpindi3165332801
34PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - TaxilaRawalpindiBarrer #5 Makka St#29 Opp Abu Ubaida Masjid G T Road Taxila0311-5040966
35PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - Gujar KhanRawalpindiNear Islamia Boys High School Burrki Jadeed Gujar Khan0345-5204191
36PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch MANDRARawalpindiNrsp Vb Mandra Main G T Road Tehsil Gujjar Khan03109259659
37PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch BEWALRawalpindiNrsp Vb Bewal Tehsil Gujjar Khan03455585794
38PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - DoltalaRawalpindiNatha Chattar Road Near Faiz Ali Colony Doltala Tehsil Gujjar Khan0345-5204191
39PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch SUKHURawalpindiVb Sukho City Near Uc Sukho Daultala Tehsil Gujjar Khan03465731125
40PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch SUKHU NORRawalpindiVb Sukho Mor Near Ubl Branch Daultala Tehsil Gujjar Khan03447544307
41PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch SYEDRawalpindiVb Syed Ada Pindi Chakwal Road Daultala Tehsil Gujjar Khan03455591755
42PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch BARDIANARawalpindiVillege Bardiana Gujar Khan Thakra Road Daultala Tehsil Gujjar Khan03158540162
43PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch MIANA MOHRARawalpindiMiana Mohra Ada Narali Road Daultala Tehsil Gujjar Khan03455584761
44PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - Kallar SyedanRawalpindiMohallah Ghousia Near PTCL Office Kallar Syedan0331-5595259
45PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch DOBERAN KALLANRawalpindiNrsp Vb Doberan Kalan Uc Doberan Kalan Tehsil Kallar Syedan03025302473
46PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch CHOWK PINDORIRawalpindiNrsp Vb chowk pindori main kallar road Tehsil Kallar Syedan03361525413
47PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch SAR SUBA SHAHRawalpindiNrsp Vb Sir soba Shah u c manyada Tehsil Kallar Syedan03085134596
48PunjabRWPNRSP District Office - AttockAttockHouse # 78, Major Tahir Street Darul Islam Colony Attock.0572-612517
49PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - AttockAttockHouse # 78, Major Tahir Street Darul Islam Colony Attock.057-2602008
50PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Dar Us Salam ColonyAttockDar Us Salam Colony Maj. Tahir Road Attock057 2602008 / 03125774128
51PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - KarbalaAttockMohalla Karbala Tehsil & District Attock057 2602008 / 03125774128
52PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - MirzaAttockVillage Mirza Near Khatak Hotel Tehsil & District Attock057 2602008 / 03125774128
53PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - BootaAttockVillage Boota Tehsil & District Attock057 2602008 / 03125774128
54PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - JassianAttockDk. Sharfa Jassain Road057 2602008 / 03125774128
55PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - SanjwalAttockVillage Bolianwal057 2602008 / 03125774128
56PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - Fateh JangAttockRailway Road Fathe Jang, Attock057-2210060
57PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - BahtarAttockVillage Bahtar Near UC Office057 2210060 / 03028582382
58PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - City IAttockRailway Road Fateh Jang057 2210060 / 03028582382
59PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - City IIAttockRailway Road Fateh Jang057 2210060 / 03028582382
60PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - HattarAttockVillage Hattar057 2210060 / 03028582382
61PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Gali JagirAttockVillage Gali Jageer057 2210060 / 03028582382
62PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Shahra e charaghAttockVillage Navan Giran Near Utility Store057 2210060 / 03028582382
63PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - KamraAttockVillage Kamra057 2210060 / 03028582382
64PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - JandAttockMoh Ghosia,Near Ztbl Jand, Attock057-2621879
65PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Jand UrbanAttockNear Khumani Chowk Jand City057 2621879 / 0302 8582992
66PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Jand (Rural)AttockNear ZTBL jand City057 2621879 / 0302 8582992
67PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Lakar MarAttockMain Lakar Mar Bazar057 2621879 / 0302 8582992
68PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Kot ChajjiAttockVillage Jalwal057 2621879 / 0302 8582992
69PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Pind SultaniAttockBus stop Tangli057 2621879 / 0302 8582992
70PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - NaraAttockViillage Nara Near Bank057 2621879 / 0302 8582992
71PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - DomailAttockVillage Domail057 2621879 / 0302 8582992
72PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - MithiyalAttockVillage Mithyal Near High School057 2621879 / 0302 8582992
73PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - InjraAttockVillage Injra Near adda057 2621879 / 0302 8582992
74PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - JhamatAttockNear Railway Phattak Jhamat057 2621879 / 0302 8582992
75PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - KhundaAttockNear MCB Village Khunda057 2621879 / 0302 8582992
76PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - Pindi GhebAttockMoh Gulzar Abad Thana Road Near Land record office, Pindi Gheb, Attock057-2352591
77PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - MianwalaAttockNear HBL Minawala bangla057 2352591 / 0302 8582381
78PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - City IAttockNera Arazi Record Centre Pindi Gheb057 2352591 / 0302 8582381
79PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - City 2AttockNera Arazi Record Centre Pindi Gheb057 2352591 / 0302 8582381
80PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - KhoreAttockNera HBL Khore Company057 2352591 / 0302 8582381
81PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - DhullianAttockDhulian Chowk057 2352591 / 0302 8582381
82PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - ChhakiAttockNera Arazi Record Centre Pindi Gheb057 2352591 / 0302 8582381
83PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - IkhlasAttockVillage Ikhlas057 2352591 / 0302 8582381
84PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - SurgAttockVillage Surag057 2352591 / 0302 8582381
85PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - TootAttockVillage Toot057 2352591 / 0302 8582381
86PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - HassanabdalAttockNear Credit College Hassan Abdal, Attock057-2520557
87PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - City IAttockNear Cadit College Hassanabdal057 2520557 / 03005539677
88PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - City IIIAttockNear Cadit College Hassanabdal057 2520557 / 03005539677
89PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - CITY 4AttockNear Punjab College of Commerece Main GT Road Wah Cantt057 2520557 / 03005539677
90PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Kot SundkiAttockNear Bahtar Mur Main GT Road057 2520557 / 03005539677
91PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - LabbAttockNear Dr. Shahid Clinic Lub Bus Stop057 2520557 / 03005539677
92KPKRWPNRSP Field Office -Haripur cityAttockNear Italian mall Pindi adda back side03079122600
93KPKRWPNRSP Village Branch - SiraigadaiAttockMain Chowk siraiadai03135076655
94PunjabRWPNRSP District Office - ChakwalChakwalStreet #6, Mohalla Siddiq abad, Near Allied Park, Chakwal City0302-5882964
95PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - ChakwalChakwalNear Yasir Palaza, Talagang Road, Chakwal City0331-5783633
96PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach BipassChakwalBipassTehisl & District Chakwal0335-5716848
97PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Jinwal TownChakwalJinwal TownTehisl & District Chakwal0335-0871014
98PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Thandil FatohiChakwalNear Mcb bank Tehnil Fatohi0317-6019270
99PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach BheenChakwalVPO BheenTehisl & District Chakwal0332-5143767
100PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach DhudialChakwalVPO DhudialTehisl & District Chakwal0344-0596981
101PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Molhal MughlanChakwalVPO Molhal MuglanTehisl & District Chakwal0343-5016065
102PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Chak QadaChakwalVPO Chak QadaTehisl & District Chakwal0347-5050276
103PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach BikhariChakwalVPO BikhariTehisl & District Chakwal0333-5765828
104PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach BhounChakwalVPO Bhoun Tehisl Kalar Kahar & District Chakwal0341-5932679
105PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach KalarkaharChakwalVPO Kallar Kahar Tehisl Kalar Kahar & District Chakwal0342-5059013
106PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Buchal KalanChakwalVPO Buchal Kalan Tehisl Kalar Kahar & District Chakwal0334-8405908
107PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach BharparChakwalVPO Bharpur Tehisl Kalar Kahar & District Chakwal0333-5771974
108PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach KhanpurChakwalNear UBL Bank Plaza Basement Khanpur0341-5060780
109PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach DewalianChakwalVPO DeewalianTehisl & District Chakwal0346-5844321
110PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach DullahChakwalNear ubl bank Dullah0334-5953704
111PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach BhagwalChakwalVPO BhagwalTehisl & District Chakwal0334-5953704
112PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach KaryalaChakwalVPO KaryalaTehisl & District Chakwal0333-1575629
113PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach MH.GharbiChakwalFaisal Colony Chakwal Tehisl & District Chakwal0331-9823408
114PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach MH.FarooqiChakwalFaisal Colony Chakwal Tehisl & District Chakwal0331-9213188
115PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach CHK-MarkazChakwalFaisal Colony Chakwal Tehisl & District Chakwal0334-1500572
116PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - TalagangChakwalNear Apna Tent Service, Sultan Road, Talagang City, District Chakwal0302-8580390
117PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Tlg MarkazChakwalMohallah Syedpura Sultan Road Mudial Chowk Talagang0543-662516
118PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Peera FatialChakwalMain Mianwali Road Vpo Bilalabad0334-4090397
119PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach SharaqChakwalMohallah Syedpura Sultan Road Mudial Chowk Talagang0543-662516
120PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Mh GharabChakwalMohallah Syedpura Sultan Road Mudial Chowk Talagang0543-662516
121PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Mh TaragarChakwalNear Masjid Hafiz Mian Olia Taragar VPO Jasial0340-0816247
122PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach ChinjiChakwalNear Governement Boys Primary School Mohallah Kupper VPO Chinji0346-4140003
123PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach JhatlaChakwalNear Utility Store Chowk VPO Jhatla0302-8580399
124PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach WanharChakwalDhulli Road Near Grace Garden School Wanhar0302-5855192
125PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach TamanChakwalMultan Road Near Mandi Masjid0302-8582959
126PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Multan khurdChakwalGhara Market Main Multan Adda0301-5615037
127PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Kot SarangChakwalMohallah Sadaat Near MCB Bank VPO Kot Sarang0333-5786760
128PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - Choa Saidan ShaChakwalNear Police Station, Choa Saidan Shah, District Chakwal0333-5007689
129PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Choa RuralChakwalNear Police Station Choa Sidan Shah0333-5007689
130PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Choa UrbanChakwalNear Police Station Choa Sidan Shah0333-5007689
131PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach Dhata kotChakwalKalar Kahar Road near UBL Bank Tatral0340-0566659
132PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach DandotChakwalVPO Dandot Tehsil Choa Saiden Shah Distt. Chakwal0312-5952100
133PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach BasharatChakwalMain Basharat adda near ehsan Karyana store Choa Sidan Shah0343-5714197
134PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - LawaChakwalNear GGHS, Gohal Road, Lawa, District Chakkwal0302-8582956
135PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach LawaChakwalNear GGHS, Gohal Road, Lawa, District Chakkwal0305-7237492
136PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach PichnandChakwalVPO Pichnand Tehsil Lawa Distt. Chakwal0300-2464200
137PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach DhurnalChakwalVPO Dhurnal Tehsil Lawa Distt. Chakwal0305-5719683
138PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach DandaChakwalDanda Shah Balawal Main Bazar Near Old Utility Store Danda0308-8010717
139PunjabRWPNRSP District Office - JhelumJhelumOpposite Military Dairy Farm Gate y Cross Jhelum Cantt. Tehsil and District Jhelum0544-228200
140PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - JhelumJhelumShadab Road Near Shumaili Mohalla Tehsil and District Jhelum.0544-276694 / 0302-8582464
141PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - Rohtas RoadJhelumDil Markete Rohtas Road Tehsil and District Jhelum03028582464
142PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - West ColonyJhelumNear Shifa Pharmacy Saeelahsil & Distt Jhelum03028582464
143PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - Kala GujranJhelumMandi Mohalla Kala Gujran Tehsil & Distt Jhelum03028582464
144PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - KantrilaJhelumKantrila Tehsil & Distt Jhelum03028582464
145PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - SanghoiJhelumNear Alnoor Public School Malhu Road Sanghoi Tehsil & Distt Jhelum03028582464
146PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - BajwalaJhelumRaja Market Bajwala Tehsil & Distt Jhelum03028582464
147PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - DinaJhelumG.T Road Noor Mohallah Subhan Street Tehsil Dina District Jhelum03028582463
148PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - SohawaJhelumOpposite Polic Station Near TMA Office Tehsil Sohawa District Jhelum03028582463
149PunjabRWPNRSP Settlement Office - DomeliJhelumOpposite Post Office Domeli Tehsil Sohawa Distt Jhelum03028582463
150PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - MughalabadJhelumSubedar Zahoor Market Near HBL Mughalabad Branch Tehsil Sohawa Distt Jhelum03028582463
151PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - Pind Dadan KhanJhelumMPA Road, Near Jinnah Park, Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan District Jhelum0544-222151
152PunjabRWPNRSP Settlement Office - PinanwalJhelumKotli Piran Street, Near Lari Adda, Pinanwal Tehsil P.D Khan Distt Jhelum03028582366
153PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - Dharyala JalipJhelumNear Govt Girls High School, Dharyala Jalip Tehsil P.D Khan Distt Jhelum03028582366
154PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - Pindi SaidpurJhelumNear Sabir Book Depot Ayesha Girls College Pindi Saidpur03028582366
155PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - Jalalpu SharifJhelumNear Lari Adda, Jalalpur Sharif Tehsil P.D Khan Distt Jhelum03028582366
156PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - TobahJhelumNear Lari Adda, Tobha Tehsil P.D Khan Distt Jhelum03028582366
157PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - SauwalJhelumNear Union Council Office, Sauwal Tehsil P.D Khan Distt Jhelum03028582366
158PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - GujratGujratMohallah Shah Hussain Near Sufi Hotel Opposite Daewoo Bus Stand Street Tehsil and District Gujrat03028582366
159PunjabRWPNRSP Settlement Office - Jalalpur JataanGujratGhazi Street Near Haider Electronics, Shahbazpur Road Jalalpur Jattan Tehsil & Distt Gujrat03028582366
160PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - Bhagowal KalanGujratMachine Stop Bhawal Baksh Market, Bhagowal Kalan Tehsil & Distt Gujrat03028582366
161PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - KharianGujratOpposite THQ Street Subhan Hospital Tehsil Kharian District Gujrat03028582366
162PunjabRWPNRSP Settlement Office - DingaGujratNear Bank Al Habib Police Station road Dinga Tehsil Kharian Distt Gujrat03028582366
163PunjabRWPNRSP Settlement Office - Lala MusaGujratPlot#254 Near Camping Ground Haji Pura Lala Musa Tehsil Kharian Distt Gujrat03028582366
164PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - GulyanaGujratSufian Market Opposite Awan Stationers Mangliya Road Gulyana Tehsil Kharian Distt Gujrat03028582366
165PunjabRWPNRSP Village Brach - SaboorGujratMain Road near Girls High School Saboor Tehsil Kharian Distt Gujrat03028582366
166PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - Sarai AlamgirGujratAurangabad Road Near Masjid Qurtaba Tehsil Sarai Alamgir District Gujrat0544-285231 / 0302-8582386
167PunjabRWPNRSP District Office - Mandi BahauddinMandi BahauddinMurala Road Near Chok 7 sira Mandi Bahauddin0302-8582001
168PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - Mandi BahauddinMandi BahauddinGali Hostel Wali Near General Bus Stand Moh Mughal Pura Mandi bahauddin03028585192
169PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Urban & Rural Shafqat AbadMandi BahauddinMoh Mughal Pura Gali Hostel wali Near Masjid Nor a Mustafa Mandi Bahauddin03028585192
170PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Kuthiala Seikhan U&RMandi BahauddinNear GPO Phalia road Kuthiala sheikhan03028586574
171PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Mianwal RanjhaMandi Bahauddinopposite M C B Lasi More Mianwal Rangha03028585191
172PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Chelianwal StationMandi BahauddinMandi Bahauddin Road near Gas Cylander Agency ChelianWala station03028587016
173PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - MalikwalMandi BahauddinGali Zafar Hospital wali Near Bus Stand Malikwal03028582371
174PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - HaryaMandi BahauddinOpposite Railway Station Sheikhan wali market Harya Station03028580646
175PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - RukkanMandi BahauddinMoh Jahyianan wala Near Girls primary Mahal Road Rukkan03028586994
176PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - GojraMandi BahauddinNain Road Near Tariq Hospital Gojra03028580647
177PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Head FaqeerianMandi BahauddinHead Faqeerian gali petroling police check post wali gali03028584414
178PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Urban & Rural MalikwalMandi BahauddinNear Zafar Hospital Malikwal03028585193
179PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - PhaliaMandi BahauddinGujrat Road Near Helan Chongi Phalia03028582372
180PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Urban & Rural PhaliaMandi BahauddinGujrat Road Near Helan Chongi Phalia03028585190
181PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - PahrianwaliMandi BahauddinGujrat Road Al janat Plaza Ada Pahrianwali03028586571
182PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - BhuahassanMandi BahauddinMian Phalia Sial mor Road ada Bhuahassan03028586572
183PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - JokalianMandi Bahauddinopposite Bank of Punjab Ada Jokalian03028586573
184PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - Qadir AbadMandi BahauddinBehkho Road Qadir Abad03447558894
185PunjabRWPNRSP Village Branch - SeyyedMandi BahauddinTali ada Road Near attock Petroliam Syyed03472547292
186PunjabRWPNRSP Field Office - BhalwalMandi BahauddinGali Tyron wali Manzoor Hayat Colony Bhalwal03028584415