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Muzaffar Uddin

Over twenty-seven years experience in multi sector development. Experience of leading organizations like AKRSP, BRAC, ASF and government led organizations. Managed over 1000 professional staff as CEO of AKRSP and BRAC. Over 20 years of senior management experience, leading development themes. In addition experience in governance of several organizations and universities.

Work area includes participatory rural development, gender and development, poverty alleviation, sustainable development program, micro and small enterprise development, market development, value chain development, skill development, and microfinance and youth development. Led research on socio economic analysis, community based savings and micro credit, Labor Market analysis, value chain analysis, quality of life analysis and sustainable development goal for community development. Experience in project development, project management and monitoring and evaluation of projects national and internationally. I also have experience of training and teaching of subjects like entrepreneurship and microfinance, development studies in both national and international universities.