GCF Accredited Entity

National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) is the first ever national direct access accredited entity of the Green Climate Fund (GCF). It is working closely with the Ministry of Climate Change (The NDA-National Designated Authority) and various partners for GCF pipe line development; in order to address climate change issues been faced by the country.

Agriculture, water, livelihoods, health, renewable energies, carbon emissions and credits, efficient transport, forestation, green cooking, air pollution etc are some of the focused sectors of NRSP’s pipelines on climate change. Organization is eager to explore and work with other national and international organizations to design and implement innovative and challenging projects; which may address climate change issues of the country and make people climate resilient.  

Update on GCF Pipeline for NRSP

Sr #Concept Note/ Proposal NameStatus
1Climate Smart Villages ($50m)At Concept Note (CN) level stage, under discussion with GCF experts, NDA agreed to issue NOL
2Electric Vehicles Project ($50m)At Proposal level stage, NOL received from NDA and now the proposal is under review by the GCF, a 3rd party assessment is under process
3Regenerative Agriculture ($45m)Submitted the Concept note to GCF, waiting for GCF response
4Harnessing the Domestic Private Sector Ecosystem for Climate Action in Pakistan ($50m)At proposal stage, NDA agreed to issue NOL, now working on proposal, a required feasibility study is also in process
5Living Indus Project ($25m)At CN stage, UNEP is working on it, CN will be submitted to GCF by UNEP. NRSP to play role as Executing Entity (EE)
6Community-Led Health Resilience in a changing climate ($50m)At CN stage, submitted to GCF, waiting for GCF response, Path Finder to play the role of EE

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