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Hand Operated and Solar Powered Portable Water Filtration Units

Floods 2022 affected more than 33 million people in Pakistan destroying municipal water works, filter plants, water supply schemes. Most of the flood victims don’t have access to potable drinking water and they are forced to drink contaminated water which have put the public health at stake.

Critically observing the alarming situation, NRSP joins hands with PCRWR to resolve the issue of drinking water in greater public interest. The problem of water quality deterioration of potable water and electrical power disruption prevails in flood emergencies which are resolved by switching to hand operated and solar powered user-friendly water filtration units with innovative techniques.

NRSP and PCRWR jointly developed low-cost portable and movable Hand Operated and Solar Powered Water Filtration Units for use in regions where vulnerable communities are present and they have no access to safe drinking water.

Hand Operated Portable Water Filtration Unit

Unit Cost: US$ 520

  • Capacity: 3,000-4,000 GPD
  • Flow Rate: 1,200-1,500 LPH
  • Operating Duration: 24 hrs
  • Population Served: 3,000-4,000 people
  • Operation: Manually operated
  • O&M: Monthly as per raw water quality
  • Energy Type: Human force
  • Skid/Frame: Stainless Steel-316

Solar Powered Portable Water Filtration Unit

Unit Cost: US$ 1,500

  • Capacity:  1,500-2,000 GPD
  • Flow Rate:  1,000-1,500 LPH
  • Operating Duration: 5-6 hrs
  • Population Served:  1,000-1,500 people
  • Operation:  Plug & Play
  • O&M: Monthly as per raw water quality
  • Energy Type: Renewable
  • Skid/Frame: Stainless Steel-316
  • Point of Use: Headers with 4 Taps