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Policies and Manuals

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Policy Documents

Organizational Strategy

Gender and Development Policy

Social Sectors Services Programme Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy and Disclosure Policy and Procedure

Fitness for duty Policy (Fitness for Duty)

Whistle Blower Policy

Anti-Harassment Policy (Discrimination and Harassment Policy)

Grievance Mechanism and Policy (Grievance/Complaint Management)

Investigation Guidelines and Policy (Investigation Guidelines)

Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policy

Anti-Fraud Policy

Child Labour and minimum age Policy

Child Protection Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Communication and Outreach Policy

Operational Manuals

Social Mobilization Manual

Micro Credit Manual

Physical Infrastructure and Technology Development Manual

Community Management Skills Training Manual

Environment, Social and Statutory Framework

Community Investment Fund Manual

Livelihood Enhancement and Protection Manual

Operational Manual for Organizational Development of LSOs

Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Manual

Human Resource and Administration Manual

Procurement Manual

Information Technology Manual

Finance and Accounts Manual

Internal Audit Manual

AML-CFT Compliance Manual

Risk Management Manual