Information Technology

NRSP is one of the leading organizations in the microfinance and development sectors of Pakistan. Due to its expanding microfinance operations and the growing number of large scale donor funded projects, the demand for data management has been multiplying every year. The NRSP IT section was established in 2009 to develop the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to support NRSP’s sectors. The IT section also provides services related to MIS development, Networking and Data Management.

The NRSP-IT section has a workforce of 18 persons who are experts in:

  • Oracle 10g Suite,
  • .Net Technologies
  • Microsoft SQL ServerMySQL
  • ServerVisual Basic 6.0
  • Microsoft Access
  • JAVAWeb Technologies

Since 2010 we have developed the following Management Information Systems:

  • MIS for GFATM (Social Sector Services)
  • MIS for All Education Projects (Social Sector Services)
  • MIS for Live Stock (Livestock)
  • Disaster Management System for USAID (BAHAL Project-RSPN)
  • MIS for Poverty Score Card (Monitoring, Evaluation and Research)
  • MIS for Micro Nutrients (Social and Human Protection Programme)
  • MIS for LEP (Social Mobilisation)
  • MIS for SM (Social Mobilisation)

ERP Solution (NRSP ESuite): This application has been developed in Oracle 10g. It is an integrated system for capturing data from different sectors and providing monitoring reports. The ERP, especially designed for the Microfinance Sector, has the following modules:

  • Client Registration (MfEDP)
  • Credit Module (MfEDP)
  • Insurance Module (MfEDP)
  • Mobile Recovery Module (MfEDP)
  • FIS Module (Finance and Accounts)
  • Project MIS (Finance and Accounts)
  • HRD Module (Human Resource Development)
  • HRM Module (Administration)
  • Payroll Module (Administration)
  • Attendance Module (Administration)
  • PF Module (Administration)
  • Fixed Assets Module (Administration)
  • Procurement Module (Administration)
  • Base Line Survey Module (Monitoring, Evaluation and Research)

Network Services: the NRSP IT section maintains the LAN and WAN requirements of NRSP. The NRSP IT section has well established network expertise to meet growing network needs. We not only maintain the Local Area Network of the NRSP Head Office: we also maintain the VPN across multiple offices necessary for NRSP-Esuite Application.

In terms of Data Management the NRSP IT section stores and manages data from the different sectors. In this regard, we have procured the latest backup data storage systems.

Data Migration Services: The NRSP IT section also supports the different sections in importing/migrating data from the MSACCESS system to the new Oracle ERP System.

NRSP’s External Clients: We also have the capacity to support development sector organisations in meeting their Information System Requirements. The NRSP IT section has designed Management Information Systems for the following organizations:

  • Microfinance ERP Solution (Sindh Rural Support Organisation)
  • General Ledger Solution (Sindh Rural Support Organisation)
  • MIS for UCBPRP (Sindh Rural Support Organisation)
  • MIS for Direct Beneficiary for Monitoring and Reporting (International Labor Organisation)
  • Integrated MIS (People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative)
  • Enhancement and Deployment of OTI System for SGAFP, GEP and Citizens’ Voice (USAID)